Fabian Henry participates in multiple writing competitions and works on bigger projects that wait to get published in the future.


Seraphina - Der hinterbliebene Kronprinz

During his schooltime, he published his first book with Noel-Verlag and visited multiple schools and bookfairs for readings and projects.

March 2018

Nur Tränen

As one of multiple authors Fabian Henry talks about LGBTQ topics in the anthology "Weil ich so bin" published by the Geest-Verlag.

May 2018

Der schönste Himmel

Fabian Henry is published in the story collection "LeseBlüten 12: So schön die Nacht", published by piepmatz Verlag.

March 2019

Nur das Simulierte ist besser als die Realität

In the anthology "Nachdenken über 4.0", published by the Werkkreis Literatur der Arbeitswelt, Fabian Henry shines light on a possible future.

May 2021

Aber doch nicht hier

In the short story collection, published by Kulturmaschinen Verlag, Fabian Henry is published alongside other authors.

November 2021

Apartment No.1010

Illustrated with individual art, Fabian Henry tells about a rough society in the anthology published by the APRYCOT Verlaghaus.

An audio version of the short story was created here.

April 2022

Gekaufte Liebe && Der letzte Schein

As part of the art project surrounding "Magic Future Money", two short stories are published online on the project's website for everyone to enjoy.

August 2023


The short-story collection was created for the Young Story Award 2023 with story.one. It can also be ordered in book stores. The cover is handdrawn by Fabian Henry himself.